Idiots and Fools

by Bill Baker, J.D.
Editor and Publisher
San Bruno Beacon


Retired USMC General Kelly and his much-ballyhooed predisposition of not suffering idiots and fools were on full display during his first day as Trump’s Chief of Staff. Trump’s foul mouth, freaked out, meathead Communications Director Tony “The Mooch” Scaramucci was unceremoniously escorted out of the White House after Kelly urged Trump to kick Mr. “The Mooch” to the curb. The Mooch had overstayed his welcome at the White House after his 11-day stint as the Trump Administration’s top turd polisher.

That being said, Trump’s widely reported disloyalty, outright verbal and Twitter related abuse, and summary termination of the people in his Administration have raised many red flags for anybody who might be offered a job in the sinking ship nuthouse called the Trump Administration. That being said, the hiring void created by these circumstances attracts immoral and amoral opportunistic bottom feeders. This is not unlike the mechanism that attracts flies to fecal matter. These otherwise ill-suited, possibly mentally ill characters are attracted by an Administration job’s proximity to power and the opportunity to abuse the power associated with their employment.

During the first six months of its existence, the Trump Administration has morphed from a mean spirited, laughing-stock, incompetent, amateurish ship of fools into a chaotic, heated, hateful, dysfunctional cesspool crawling with greedy cockroaches, rabid rats, biting bed bugs, and other vermin. This invites the attention and hiring of the type of destructive idiots and fools that have become the face of the feckless Trump Administration. EXHIBIT A: Like a hungry rat furiously scratching and pushing to squeeze through the gap at the bottom of a door and the floor, The Mooch squirmed, contorted, and twisted to find a way into the upper echelon of the Trump Administration as the White House Communications Director (by The Mooch’s own words) reporting directly to “President” Trump.

If it’s true that Trump’s new Chief of Staff Kelly DOES NOT suffer idiots and fools, how does he deal with the proverbial ship of fools that is the Trump Administration? More to the point, how does Mr. I don’t suffer idiots and fools Kelly deal with the feckless, idiot and fool who hired him and is his boss?

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